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He Puts a Bar of Soap Under His Sheet Every Night . The Reason Why Is Absolutely Brilliant!

Sleep time is so important and I don’t have to talk much about it. The quality and amount of sleep you have has a lot of impact on your health. I get frustrated when I can’t fall asleep that easily no matter how hard I try. In fact I take a minimum of 30 minutes before falling asleep. If you have been experiencing the same, there is a possibility that there it is “nothing” or you are a victim of restless leg syndrome (RLS).

Annually, more than 3 million people in USA are diagnosed with the condition, but the sad thing is that RLS has no cure. Those with the condition normally have an irresistible feeling to move their legs. In most cases they are woken up by leg cramps at night. The torso, arms, and the head are some of the body parts which can be affected by RLS.

Given that RLS can prevent you from having some quality sleep, you have to do something about it. Although it does not have an official medical cure, there is a natural treatment which has helped many. Surprisingly, all you need is a bar of soap.

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The soap should be fresh and unscented (that means old and dry soap should be scraped off for the fresh layer to be revealed). It is said that ions are released by fresh soap as it dries and that helps in alleviating RLS. Though the method lacks any scientific backing, several people have testified how using soap has helped them.

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