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With Heavy Hearts, All That Was Left Was To Put Him Down, But Someone Thought Otherwise…

This was one of the worst pet accidents they had dealt with. The animal rescue organization thought that maybe, putting him down was the best option. However, someone thought the dog had survived the horrible accident for a reason. So why put him down, maybe he deserved to continue living. There was no reason why he should not be allowed to give life another shot.

That is how his journey to healing started. His legs were crashed, walking was out of question. He was in shock after being hit by a train. Life that was normal and slow had all of a sudden changed to a nightmare. How was he going to survive? How long was it going to take before what was left of his legs could heal?

As they picked him from the railway tracks where he had tried walking with his broken limbs unsuccessfully, life for him looked grim. They did his first surgery that lasted for five hours to save his life. Six months later, life was bright again for him. He of course could not walk, but he had friends to care for him and show him love. Take a moment and SHARE this video to encourage others to save animals!


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