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Helpless kitten stuck in a glue trap cries for someone to save him – now watch when he’s finally freed

What would you do if you found an animal that needed your help? Would you help or walk away as if nothing happened?

One feline found himself in a sticky situation, literally!

The cat got stuck in a terrible glue trap. He tried to free himself to no avail. Despite his efforts, he could not save himself. The cat was slowly losing hope until an angel came along,

Fortunately, someone heard his cries and came to his rescue. The animal rescuers combined efforts and used everything they could to free the kitty.

It is a rescue mission that took longer than expected. However, we are glad all went well.

The look on the cat’s face once he was freed was priceless. Nothing can contain his joy and he cannot stop smiling.

Watch the daring rescue mission in the footage below and see what unfolded. We wish to applaud the rescuers for their selfless act. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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