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Here’s The Elementary School Math Problem That’s Stumping 9 Out Of 10 Adults. Can You Solve It?

It’s always a heated question. And depending on who you ask, math can be the devil. But whether or not you consider yourself a math whiz, there’s a brand-new equation floating around the internet that is forcing us to reconsider our arithmetic skills.

Do you remember how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide? Thismath question will test your recollection in front of all your friends on social media. Are you up to the challenge?

At first, you might think this problem is quite easy. But actually is requires some complicated knowledge about the order of calculations.

Think back to your time in math class. Do you ever remember a teacher saying “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally?”

Oh, I remember. Yes, I remember…

This sentence was actually a mnemonic device to remember the acronym PEMDAS.

If you recall PEMDAS refers to “Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction.” Yes, that’s the order in which you’re supposed to execute these arithmetic problems.

Don’t just go left to right. You’ll almost always get the wrong answer. Scroll down for the solution.

First you need to divide 3 by 1/3. That gives you 9. Now you subtract nine from nine and then add 1. The result is one.

Check it the video below!

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Did you get the correct answer?

Please SHARE YOUR RESULT in the comments below!

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