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Here’s That Irish Dance That Has Captured Millions Of People. Stunning!

You haven’t watched any real step-dancing until you’ve seen the famous Irish Riverdance at work. Despite the fact thatthis video has been around for years, it’s still as good as one of all time. You just can’t pass it up!

In the clip, Alan Kenefick and Nicola Bryne kick things off with a duo dance that clearly introduces you to their dancing prowess. Theygo ahead to keep you fixated on them as they move back and forth, comingtogether and breaking apart in such a choreographedfashion that could make you drool. Before you know it, something else happens!

At mark 1:14, the drummers introduce themselves into the scene with one heck of a drumming session as Kenefick works to steal all your attention withhis greatly captivating solo dance. Just when you thinkthisthinghas reached its climax, some more supporting dances show up to drive you crazier. This is too good!

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