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Here’s How You’re Actually Supposed to Use Those Little Ketchup Cups. It Seems So Obvious Now

Sometimes there are things you see and ask yourself why on earth you never thought of them before, because you never knew of them yet they are so simple and handy. For instance, I have in all my life went to the McDonald and other fast food buying centers, and got to use the ketchup dispenser.

Since I consider the cups being offered there are very tiny, I always have taken more than three of them at once. After that, I would open the cups to dip my delicious fries before popping them into my mouth. Even though I had taken the 5 ketchup cups, I still need some more in order to finish my fries. Since the cups are tiny, it’s hard for me to access the little ketchup at the bottom, and many a times I end up pressing them, a thing that makes the table dirty.

Upon having the opportunity of watching the clip below which was filmed and edited by the Russian hacker, I realized that these cups were actually expandable. In the clip, you can be a witness of how this cups can expand to hold three times the amount of ketchup. With this, one has no need of using two more cups as only one can be enough.

Watch the clip below to see how easily this cups can be expandable. Please SHARE this information to all your friends on Facebook so that they cannot be embarrassed when using the ketchup cups!

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