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A Hidden Camera Was Set-Up Within His Mother’s Nursing Room. The Footage Left Me Enraged!

Camille Parent’s mother was attacked while at an elder care facility and it was alleged that those who attacked her were other residents. That’s when he decided to investigate the whole issue by setting up a hidden camera within the room. He was full of shock and horror when he watched the footage. Those responsible for the blatant abuse were the caretakers.

Though this footage was recorded back in 2013, this kind of abuse is an ongoing and serious problem. Most of the elderly within the United States are taken to these facilities on a full-time or part-time basis with the aim of prolonging their lives. It then beats logic that those who are to be trusted are the ones responsible for this kind of abuse. There are those victims like the Parent’s mother who cannot recall their abusers and those who fear revealing those behind the act.

Most of the elder care positions demand some advanced training and can be a lucrative career, but that does not always happen. Most of those who work at these centers have gone through minimal training and even those that are well trained are not well compensated.

Chron reported that averagely a home health aid takes home around $20,000 on an annual basis and an average nurse aid or attendant earns slightly more.  I cannot tell whether with improved compensation or training those with passion will do away with this kind of abuse.

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