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The Hit Group Disturbed Performs An Amazing Cover of the Song “The Sound of Silence”

On a recent late night talk show, the popular musical group Disturbed beautifully performs a rendition of “The Sound of Silence”. When the group takes the stage, the lights are turned down and slowly turned up as the lead singer begins the show. This adds to the feel of the song and the crowd is being very quiet. The band slowly starts to play and the singer uses his amazing voice to match the music

A full band is behind the singer and they do a wonderful job of keeping up with him. His powerful voice comes through in the song and he does a wonderful job. After the group is finished with this very special performance the crowd cheers for them! If you really loved this video clip, then you should really share it with all of your friends and family members on Facebook. They took will surely enjoy this wonderful song. Share if you loved the video!


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