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She Was Hit By A Stranger On The Streets, Now Keep An Eye On The Person Wearing A White Sweater!

A case study shows that the people residing in the cities, where there are no communities, tend to overlook the mere small acts of kindness that help in the restoration of humanity.Action Productions decided to perform an experiment on the London streets to demonstrate that strangers can be a positive factor, even in the overpopulated urban cities.

In the video below, we witness the three different actions of empathy both performed by strangers who were recorded without their knowledge. One of them is when an old woman with a large luggage approaches a steep staircase, and the Good Samaritan who offers himself to carry the baggage is a stranger. While taking the baggage upstairs, a group of singers starts to sing a support song. Whoever watches this definitely earns a smile on his face.

Henry Hitchcox, the founder and producer of the team revealed that they had sent a group all over London to generate a number of occasions where strangers could give a helping hand to each other. He went ahead to say that while filming, they put Londoners into a kindness test. The end results had both charming and awful one.

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