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Husband disappears during honeymoon. 10 years later, a shocking discovery is made

5th July marks a decade since themysterious disappearance of George Smith IV. The newlyweds were on a honeymoon cruise on the Royal Caribbean ship. The FBI spent several years looking into the case and closed the case in January.

Although Smith’s bride started a new life, his family has not given up the search yet.

Jennifer, Smith’s wife, recounts the events of the fateful night. She was drunk and could not account for her husband’s disappearance. The ship log records state that Jennifer was found unconscious at 4.30 am on the ship’s deck.

Jennifer received a $1.1 million settlement from the ship company two years later and she remarried.

George’s immediate family has not overcome their grief. CBS followed up on the case and the family members shared their loss and opinions concerning George’s disappearance.

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