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Husky Throws A Tantrum While In The Bath Tub, Reason? You Can’t Skip Watching This!

Zeus the husky has his favorite place that he likes to hang-out at. That happens to be nowhere else but the bathtub. So when mom tries to lure him out of the bathtub, he refuses to get out and insists on being left alone. This is why huskies are considered to be stubborn pets.  They need extra motivation for them to make their owners happy, even though they happen to be one of the most intelligent pets. Mom says what husky really wants is for the water to be turned on for him to splash around and be the goofball that he real is. He prefers that to the fact that it’s actually time for his walk.

According to a leading dog expert, dogs who give such responses do so expecting a certain reward from the owners. This could be some extra time in the tab or some other treat they like most. Well, Zeus is so funny in the way he asks for his favorite treat; no wonder this clip went viral. If only he had the right words to ask for exactly what he wanted or didn’t want. Maybe mom would spoil him more than she does at the moment.

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