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Irish Dancer Is Performing On Street. Now Watch When A 2-Year-Old Girl Walks Up To Her.. Oh My Goodness!

You’ve to admit it: Kids are that fraction of the population that is always looking for something to make themselves happy. A kid will delve into anything they deem fun even without thinking about it. Sometimes a child won’t give a hoot about the multitude of people that might be witnessing their funny antics. They just want to be and stay happy, and this one in this cool clip is clearly into that!

At 2 years of age, little Georgia is already in it for all the fun. She’s the type that doesn’t care about who’s looking as long as they get to entertain themselves to the fullest. On this particular day, Georgia did something that’s now breaking the internet!

The little one was in the streets when she happened to spot Emma O’Sullivan dancing. Emma is a professional dancer, and on this day, she was doing it right in the street. She was doing her thing so well that the kid couldn’t help but want to join in the fun. And join she did!

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Watch as the two get to entertain everyone with their super dancing skills. You can bet the kid is trying her best to properly copy Emma’s moves. Wow!You just want to watch this right now and SHARE on Facebook right away!


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