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Jennifer Aniston Said That Ellen DeGeneres Was the First Person She Texted During Plane Scare

Ellen DeGeneres proved how close she is to Jennifer Aniston during the actress’s scary plane incident

“Everybody on the plane started panicking,” Aniston recalled to DeGeneres. “Everyone who I look to for comfort has got tears streaming down their faces. They’re texting their children, their partners, their loved ones. And I was like, ‘Who do I text? And then ‘Bing!’ You were the first person that was like, ‘Are you okay?’ And I was like, ‘Ellen! I do have someone who loves me!’ “

DeGeneres explained, “I heard from someone Jen’s plane is in trouble, they had an emergency landing. So I texted you right away.”

“But I couldn’t believe how calm I became and everyone else wasn’t,” Aniston continued. “We had to fly around for like 6 hours to dump the fuel, which still wasn’t occurring to me this might be because if we land badly, it will explode.”

In the end, Aniston and her group of friends boarded a plane the next day and still made it to Mexico for the weekend, which shocked some people.

“Everyone was like, ‘How could you get on another plane?’ I was like, ‘Listen, we all had to fly around for 6 hours dumping fuel, we all got pretty hammered ‘cause who knew what the end of this was gonna be. Let’s go out with some tequila.’ “

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