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Josh Turner’s Grandmother Plays Live at the Grand Ole Opry

At 98-years-old she receives a massive round of applause for her live piano performance of “How Great Thou Art.” Her first time on the Grand Ole Opry stage she fills the hall with the beautiful sound of the piano. If you’re looking for a relaxing and engaging piano piece you’ve found it. Not only does she play flawlessly, but it’s also amazing to see a 98-year-old woman play piano as well as she does!

The look on her face is priceless as she exits the stage to a standing ovation. This performance was obviously a huge deal to her, and Josh Turner is fantastic for giving her the opportunity. Of course, she wouldn’t have had nearly as great an experience if she wasn’t an excellent piano player on top of it all! You have to hear this woman play. The video’s only four minutes long and every bit worth the time it’ll take to watch it.


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