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Just 3 Months Before He Passed Away, This Dad Had This To Say To His Young Daughter. I’m Touched!

This video made me shed tears, and not because I’m weak, but because I have a heart.

At just 27, Nick Magnotti was diagnosed with cancer, and his health condition started deteriorating too fast. Nick had just fathered a beautiful baby girl.

His ailment had originated from his appendix and then quickly spread further, so much that Nick was now terminally ill, and we all know how painful it is to spend the rest of one’s life in such a horrible condition.

But Nick was a strong man, and although the decision was hard to make, he made it anyway. He decided to live his life painlessly, because even the available medication couldn’t cure him.

In the video, you get to see and hear what this good man told his daughter just 3 months before he passed away, and it’s a really heart-touching message.

If you’ve ever come across someone in such a situation, comment and let us know. Also tell us what you think of Nick’s talk to his lovely young daughter.

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