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“Kittens” found on dirt road turned out to be no exactly what people thought

These kittens were found by the roadside by a man who thought they would be unsafe near the road so he carried them and placed them a bit farther but still within reach in case their mother returned. Like many people today, he took a picture of the kittens and posted them online, that is when he got a big surprise, it turned out that those were no domestic cats, but jungle cats.

He thought quickly and figured they may be in greater danger so he returned to the kittens which he found still alone with no mother in sight.
When he examined the kittens, he discovered they probably had not eaten for long, they were weak and had lots of ticks. When he took them to the vet, they were able to work fast to help the kittens even though one of them died.

The 2 surviving kittens were nursed back to health and cared for. Look at how adorable they look in this video and share with your friends.

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