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Koko the gorilla gets a box of adorable kittens for her birthday, signs to her trainer “They’re now my babies”

Koko turned 44 years of age. On the 4th of July, she was lucky to find a box full of kittens. As she is known to be a lover of kittens and to be having excellent maternal instincts, she instantly fell in love with the kittens and had the option of adopting them.

It is so lovely to watch Koko take Ms. Grey from the box and leave her to climb to her chest by using her big arm. Upon reaching at Koko’s chest, she gets to hold her cutie in a very delicate way. It is certain that both the kittens and the gorilla will become a great family.

Kokoflix, a YouTube channel, had it that not only did Koko demonstrate her maternal instincts and playing, but she is also developing the acceptance to her caretakers and a new outlook each day that The Gorilla Foundation can use to develop a perfect understanding for great apes.

This can bring along important benefits to the endangered species like the great apes living in their natural habitat and those who have been captured, by improving the 2-way communication with the caretakers.

Watch the video below, and be keen at the 1:44 mark, when Koko tells her caretaker to put the kitten in a special place!

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