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Las Vegas attack: the worst mass shooting incident in America

On Sunday, the United States witnessed a serious incident: a gunman fired a bullet from his hideout on the 32nd floor of a Las Vegas hotel, killing 50 people and injuring at least 400 others attending a country music concert ).

Details Las Vegas Attack

The attack is the worst mass shooting incident in the United States of America in recent history. Las Vegas police reported that they identified the identity of the shooter, Stephen Craig Paddock, 64, a resident of Mesct, Nevada.

Steven Wapel fired his roommate from the Mandalay Resort and Casino to a crowd of twenty-two thousand people. Eyewitness Megan Kearney described the incident in an MSNBC news interview: “At first we heard fireworks like sounds, and suddenly we heard the sound of a machine gun fire, and people then fled as if they had been shot. I remember that while we were fleeing the scene, we saw hundreds of people on the ground. ”

“People were falling one by one, they were very close to us, so some of them were hit a few feet from our site,” Kearney said. I saw people trying to help their friends and relatives, but the bullets were coming from all over us. We could not help them, because then we would have been at risk. ”

LOS ANGELES – Las Vegas police chief Joseph Lombardo told reporters early on Monday that authorities believed Paduc had committed suicide before police stormed his room in the hotel, contradicting a previous account of police killing the suspect during the raid and storming. According to Lombardo, Paduc had booked a hotel room on 28 September last, and had more than 10 rifles. It is not yet clear whether Paduc specifically requested a room on a high floor overlooking the concert site, or that he prevented the hotel’s cleaners from entering his room during the previous few days.

A video of a group shot during the …

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