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Lazy Kitten Chills Out In A Bowl And Warms Himself In The Sun

If ever there were a picture of perfect chill, this kitten would be it! In this video, his owner found him chilling out in the window while sitting in a tiny glass bowl. It looks almost as if he is sunning himself while lying in a tiny hot tub. You will laugh out loud as you see him just sitting there as if he has no care in the world. This chill cat is too chill for words!

This is the most adorable kitten you have ever seen. As his owner is filming him from different angles, he barely moves his head because he is feeling the sunshine and just feels lazy. He is having the time of his life in his little bowl and does not want to be disturbed. He doesn’t mind if you take a look but make sure you don’t make him move out of his comfort zone!

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