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When He Left His Home, He Did Not Expect To Return With A Puppy. Watch The Life Changing Moment!

Having a new pet is like dealing with a small kid. Teaching the new pet around the house and the house rules is no easy task. However, to some people, it is a walk in the park.

One guy walked out of his house He had no intention of buying a pet till he passed by a pet shop. He saw some pets were up for adoption and he took one.

The lucky puppy and the guy make a great team. Lucky for the guy, pet training is a walk in the park.

The first thing is learning the house rules; where to pee, eat and sleep. Secondly, there are piano lessons. You should the duo playing the piano. Lastly, it is the petting sessions. The little puppy seems to enjoy being cuddled.

Watch the clip and see as the duo goes about with their lives. Trust me; you will love them.

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