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Lemons: Not Just for Lemonade Stands

While lemonade is a delightful drink, lemons shouldn’t just be regulated to only making lemonade. There are so many health benefits that can be had from the vitamins and nutrients that are packed in the lemon.

Here are some top benefits that may make you decide to start adding more lemons to your life.

• The first is the scent. It’s a very uplifting and awakening. You’ll notice that some restaurants have lemon trees planted to offering a pleasing experience for guests. The scent of lemons also can help with depression and anxiety.

• Lemons can make a great deodorizer and antibacterial. Cut a lemon, and leave it in your room overnight to cleanse the air and help with breathing problems. This action is also great for when you have a cold, asthma or your allergies are acting up.

• Lemons are also great for your skin. It can cleanse your scalp, help fight acne, scars, and dark spots just by rubbing the juice on the area. This also works on elbows, knees, and calluses. Consuming lemons are also excellent for helping slow the aging process of your skin.

• You can freshen your breath, clear up white spots on your nails, and deal with sore feet by using lemons.

• Lemons are a good source for treating diseases and poor health conditions. Lemons can make you urinate more which will reduce the likeliness of your body creating stones. Lemons are good for arthritis, rheumatism, and poor indigestion. It also can act as a preventativefor things like cholera and malaria because it purifies the blood.

It’s time to start adding fantastic lemons to your life. You can reap all of these amazing benefits starting today.

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