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His life has changed since rescuing ‘Deformed’ Kitten

Meet Lil Bub, one of the most unique cats you’ve ever seen. On top of that, she’s pretty famous too. So chances are that you’ve stumbled upon photos of her online already.

This sweet kitty was found at an Indiana tool shed a few years back by a man named Mike Bridavsky. The moment he laid eyes on the special creature, he somehow new everyone will fall in love with her, and he was right.

“[This] leads us to believe that she may actually be an alien creature that crashed to Earth, and found this litter of Earth kittens and just joined them to fit in,” Mike jokingly told mental floss.

Mike could see that Bub was unlike the rest of her siblings, so he took her in his hands. In that moment. Lil Bub purred her tiny hands and fell asleep on Mike’s shoulder. The chemistry between these two was there and they both knew they will be bast pals.

Lil Bub’s unique appearance is due to the several conditions she has. Among the rest, she was diagnosed with dwarfism which makes her limbs short and small. Sadly, no matter how cute she looks, this causes her difficulties walking.

Eating properly is also an issue because Lil Bub’s upper jaw is a bit longer than her lower jaw. Her teeth didn’t grow the right way, and many are missing, so her tongue always sticks out.

What adds to Lil Bub’s cuteness are her extra toes on all of her four paws.

“She was very small, very strange, and even though she was irresistible, I think people were scared of the responsibility, medical bills, and potential heartbreak that seemed inevitable with a special cat, like BUB. At the time, I assumed she would not live a very long life, so I just wanted to give her a home and take care of her,” Mike told Conscious Cat.

When Mike took Lil Bub to the vet, he said she was the weirdest looking cat he’s ever seen. Honestly, we agree with him.

But what is most important of all is that despite all her ‘deformities,’ Lil Bub is one happy and healthy cat.

She enjoys her days hanging around with Mike at his studio.

“That’s the reason I started sharing her: I was super-proud of her and I really thought she was the most amazing creature,” Mike told SPIN.

People first got familiar with this super distinctive cat after a photo of her which Mike posted in BUBlog went viral. Some of them who were missing seeing photos of the late Grumpy Cat said Lil Bub was there to replace him and become the most famous feline out there.

Everyone went crazy over Lil Bub, so very soon, her photos were all over the Internet. Now, she even has a book titled “Lil BUB’s Lil Book: The Extraordinary Life of the Most Amazing Cat on the Planet,” full of colorful photos of this special kitten ‘doing’ fancy things such as traveling through space, skateboarding, and exploring the Earth.

On top of that, she even has her own shop where her fans can buy a bunch of things featuring her lovely appearance like pillows and blankets.

Now, Lil Bub and her owner Mike are huge animal advocates that use the cat’s popularity to raise awareness about the animals on the streets and in the shelters. They donate a lot of money for these creatures who were not as lucky as Lil Bub.

Among the rest, they travel around the country and organize charity events at various shelters. So if people want to come and meet Lit Bub they have to donate money, food, or other supplies to the shelter hosting the gathering.

Lil Bub’s events are always crowded with people who are eager to meet her in person.

They even set up a fund, the Lil Bub Fund, in association with the ASPCA. The money raised are dedicated to programs helping special need animals from all over the country.

Lil Bub’s deformities don’t stop her from living the best life she can have. Thanks to her vibrant personality and special looks, and her owner’s dedication, these two are changing the lives of other creatures in need one animal at a time.

If you want to learn more about Lil Bub watch the video below.

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