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Little Girl Gets Into A Frustrating Conversation With Siri.. The Ending Will Leave You In Stitches!

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve already figured out a few cool things about technology and some of the coolest assistant software systems currently in use. Among those, Siri ranks high.

Siri is a “talker,” for lack of a better description. If you have Siri installed on your smartphone, you can talk to it about stuff you want to run a search on. She’s fluent in over a dozen languages, and that’s impressive. However, Siri has no idea what to do with kids, especially 2-year-olds whose only interest is to have a chat with the virtual assistant.

 The clip here features one of the most hilarious moments this system has dealt with a little human with a penchant for banters. Now, this kid gets her hands on her dad’s smartphone and decides to have a good go at a conversation with Siri. She starts by appreciating that the virtual assistant was kind enough to agree to a meeting on her dad’s phone. What happens next is too awesome to miss!

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