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Little girl starts to play accordion in empty field – dad runs for the camera as creatures charge towards them

The power of music is something truly wonderful. It can make us feel empowered, comfort us through the tough times and make us smile, laugh and dance. But it’s not just humans that feel the true beauty of music. It turns out that animals also are quite fond of a good tune. But a video of cows listening to music in a field has to be one of our favorite pieces of evidence.

The late Robin Williams once said that music was “God’s little reminder that there’s something else besides us in the universe; harmonic connection between all living beings everywhere, even the stars.”

One little girl wanted to share her musical talents with some bovine beauties. So she headed down to a nearby field where she could see a herd of cattle grazing.

Armed with only an accordion, this little girl serenades cows that are over in the distance at the other end of the field. As soon as the little girl played the first few notes, the cows slowly started to perk up and catch her attention.

I don’t know what it is, but they seem to really love the sound. Almost instantly, as soon as they realise where the noise is coming from, the whole field of cows flocked towards the young girl to hear more music.

She’d managed to get a very large audience and they seemed to enjoy it thoroughly.

Watch the full scene in the video below. We’re sure this will put a smile on your face ?

Watch these adorable cows listening to music in their field as a little girl plays the accordion in the video below. Don’t forget to let us know your opinion in the comments below and SHARE this if it made you smile!

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