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This Little Pup Blacked Out On Someone’s Property. He’s Alive!

When a 5-month-old puppy was dropped lifeless on his property, this homeowner walked up to check on him. Turns out, the little creature was actually at the edge of life. He was fatally injured and wouldn’t survive for long if this guy didn’t do something. He called the Unleashed Pet Rescue based on Topeka, Kansas.

The animal had bruises all over, with major ones in the neck and head. His eyes were swollen shut, and it looked like he had been a captive in a dog-fighting ring. He lay lifeless on the ground, save for the tail-wagging. They named him Jax.

They took him to the shelter and treated him. They cared for Jax until he finally began to regain his health. He was taken to a foster family where he got showered with all the love he needed to believe in life again. Little by little, his eyes opened up and his wounds healed. The tail wagged more intensely. Jax was a new dog, more joyful and happier than ever!

Watch the full video of his transformation here and feel the emotion.

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