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He Lives with His Son in a Run-Down Gas Station. Now Watch when He Shows The Inside

There was a very old gas station at the French Quarters in New Orleans, but it’s no longer there. You want to know what happened to that 100-year old station, and the answer will amaze you!

You see, getting to own a place to live in the US is a bit of a hassle these days. You’ve to either get the cash to buy a house or pay mortgage, and that’s not what everybody wants. Now, Robert Guthrie is a smart guy, so he came up with his own clever plan to own a home. And then he spotted a gas station!

He bought his 2,000 square feet station and set about turning it into a family home, and the results were astonishing. Even his skeptical son couldn’t believe it! The man has some real brains!

The whole thing is shown in this video. Check it out and learn some new things here, and if you find it really awesome, go ahead and SHARE the clip with all your friends and family on Facebook. Don’t forget to drop a comment too.

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