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For Him, Loneliness Was The Order Of The Day Until A Stranger Came Along. Watch!

Blossom had lived a solitary life for a very long time. She had been abandoned on the porch probably by her previous owner. She was now actually afraid of humans. A few people who had tried to catch her had failed because she would always run away.

What saved her from suffering and probably eminent death was when someone took a photo of her and posted it online. This prompted a pet rescue organization to trace and rescue her. After being treated and fed, she was now becoming receptive to caring humans who wanted to nurse and care for her.

Then blossom received something she had not had for a long time, or maybe never experienced before. She received a warm soapy bath. It is interesting and quite amazing as you watch her learn to accept love and kindness form caring humans. This is going to be one of the many sessions in her life she is going to receive from caring people.

It’s probably hard for to do so because of abuse she might have received from cruel people. Please watch and SHARE this story on Facebook to encourage people to treat animals with care and kindness.

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