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Loving Giant Panda Mama Puts Baby Panda Bear to Bed

n this video, your heart will be captured immediately as you see the cuddly baby panda meandering his way around the compound. As his short stubby legs seem to give way, he never gives up on continuing his quest for adventure.

As we watch this sweet creature roam about, it is clear he is getting sleepy. His eyes even blink a time or two, just as a human newborn does when fighting sleep. This little guy does not feel he has time to sleep because there is just so much world left to explore. Just when it seems the little panda bear will never make the decision to go to sleep, his giant panda Mama steps in and provides a welcome rescue.

When Mom says it is time to go to bed, it is time to go to bed! When baby panda continues to play well past his bedtime, Mom takes over by picking up him by the scruff of the neck and putting him in his bed. The love between Mama and baby is clearly evident in this video.

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