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Man calls woman “piggy” as she walks along the street, wait until he sees her face

7 out of 10 women are sexually harassedon the streets of Lima in Peru. Most of the sexual offenders are men who assume crimes such as catcalling and insulting women is a minor offense.

A group of women decided to create a social experiment to show that any form of sexual harassment can affect your mother, sister, or close female relative. The group identified recurring sexual offenders and used their mothers to teach them a lesson they will not forget. The women were given a transformation that would make them unrecognizable.

One woman walks out a building and a man catcalls her. Unknown to him, it is his mother. Another referred to a woman as a “piggy” only for him to realize it was his mother.

Watch the men’s terrified reactions when they spot their mothers. Please SHARE on Facebook.

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