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Man Snaps Photo Of Bizarre Square Shaped Waves, Quickly Realizes They’re Dangerous

August 8, 2017 Stories


There is no shortage of special effects on our digital screens these days; but believe it or not, there are equally peculiar phenomenons in nature that seem like work of technology rather than Mother Nature.

Isle of Rhe in France is one such destination which is known for being romantic, as well as bizarre. A tiny island measuring just 19 miles long and 3 miles wide, Isle of Rhe is located on the west coast of France near La Rochelle in the Atlantic ocean.

Just like France’s more famous southern coast, Isle of Rhe has fabulous beaches and great weather to lure tourists from all over Europe and the world. But unlike the southern coast, there is something truly unique about the waves that can be seen from many of its beaches.

To the naked eye, the waves appear to be square shaped, repeating over and over again to form a chessboard pattern on the surface of the ocean. The sight is so unusual that each year, residents and tourists alike, often flock to an old lighthouse on the shore to get a better view from its higher elevation.

What seems like the doings of aliens or an equally bizarre outer force, is actually easily explained by science.

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