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Garbage collector happily went to surprise lonely elderly woman with a 100th birthday cake

This elderly woman just received the sweetest surprise from her favorite garbage collector turned friend for her 100th birthday.

In a clip that has been going around the internet for the past few days and melting people’s hearts, garbage man Ben Bird is seen walking up a garden path with a pink and white birthday cake in hand.


The cake was for his good friend, Dorothy Ballard – also known as Mercy to family and friends – who turned a hundred years old that day!

Ben had been collecting Mercy’s garbage for eight years, and through his weekly visits, the two came to develop an unlikely friendship. They chat every Thursdays for roughly 10 minutes – from 8:00 am to 8:10 am – which is the time of Ben’s visits. Through these brief conversations, the pair were able to talk about everything, from family to technology.

Ben made a promise to Mercy that if she reached a hundred years old, he would show up at her doorstep with a birthday cake. Mercy kept her end of the bargain, so Ben recruited two of his buddies to surprise Mercy and celebrate this milestone with her.


In a video that has been going around online since Katy Smith – Mercy’s second-oldest granddaughter – posted it, Ben can be seen walking up her garden path and waiting by the door with a cake. When she finally opened the door, the men started singing her a happy birthday, and Mercy can be seen burying her face in her hand – she was clearly touched and surprised!

Mercy then blew out her candles and Ben told her to make a wish, suggesting that it be living to be 105.


Mercy says she’s very happy that there are still people like Ben out there who respect elderly people that much. As for him, he says he’s happy to be her best friend and wishes for her to reach her 105th birthday so that he can surprise her again.

Lovely Mercy, however, believes that living for a century is more than enough. She has seen so much during her lifetime and we can learn a lot from this charming and wise elderly lady.

Take a look at their interview in the video below and make sure you share it with your friends.


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