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Marines Do This When One Of Their Soldier Dog Dies. Can’t Help Crying.

We all have respect to people who try to keep our nation safe and in that list the marines are included. This is because they sacrifice a lot to see that we enjoy the freedom and peace. Amazingly, the Marine Corps are not composed of only the men and women, but also dogs are in the group. Actually these amazing animals have the guts to accompany the soldiers to the war zones. In the video below, we have the opportunity of meeting a dog by the name of Rico.

Just to tell you a little bit about him is that he had been deployed in Afghanistan in two occasions. While there, he overcame more than 30 firefights that had been provoked by terrorists. He always was there to make sure that his partner Marine Staff Sgt. Russ Beckley Jr., was far from any danger.

After the mission was over, Beckley and Rico returned home where they lived together for 12 good years. But old age was catching up with Rico and it was clear that he would die t any given time.

When he died, Beckley together with his Marine father put on their blue uniforms and gave Rico a proper sendoff of a brave soldier. The burial ceremony was attended by some people and Beckley was seen to be fighting with tears as he read the sendoff speech, Watch the touching video below and please SHARE it with all your friends on Facebook!

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