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Meet This Kitten Who Makes A Goat’s Noise When Hungry – Funny!

Pet owners can easily tell you that a life without such lovely animals is very boring. Myself I never imagine a world where there are no pets to keep us company and chase the boredom that seems to be following us always. But when you decide to have a pet in your home, it means that you are ready to hold all it takes to make him happy, just as you would have done with a family member.

The clip below features a Himalayan kitten and her owner. With time, this kitten learnt the best way to tell his owner that he was angry. Unlike other kitten who would meow in a soft manner, this lovely kitten decided to take his cries to another level by making strange noises of which you probably think that it is a goat and not a cat.

This makes the owner to rush for the bottle of milk and take her usual seat in order to give the kitten milk. The funny thing is that the kitten only makes the noise when hungry and when full it is different, Watch the clip below to see and hear for yourself. Please SHARE with all your friends on Facebook who love cats!


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