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3 men sit inside an empty church, sing a chilling cover of Beatles hit that is giving everyone goosebumps

Not many songs have touched as many hearts as the Beatles’s “Let It Be,” a song that took over the planet in one sweep and sent numerous artistes in a scramble to cover it. To date, this beat melts the hardest of hearts on earth!

Of the many versions produced, there’s this recent one that has threatened to make all others irrelevant. It’s a cover by GENTRI, and from what we already know about these 3 guys, you can expect the most heart-tugging performance – And it all happened in a church!

Besides the incredible performance, GENTRI took the whole thing a notch higher by let the people into a few little-known secrets about the birth of this lovely song. Apparently, the Beatles’s Paul McCartney lost his mom at age 14. He struggled with life choices until his late mom showed up in a dream. She told him to “Let It Be.”

Go ahead and click on that play button. Watch this and let it melt your heart. You’ll want to hit that SHARE button and put this on Facebook!

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