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Model Spots A Paralyzed Dog At The Beach, Her Next Move Restored Faith in Humanity!

It was while Megan Penman was on a trip to Thailand that she came across a dog who had difficulty in walking due to being paralyzed. She was heartbroken with what she saw and decided to give the dog a helping hand.

The owner must have neglected the poor creature after being involved in a motorcycle accident of which he survived.

After all the efforts to look for rescues in Thailand failed, she knew that if something was not done in time, the pup would definitely die. So, she did this…

Canadian model called Meagan Penman went to Thailand for holiday


While there at a beach, she came across a paralyzed dog struggling to walk at the beach. She helped him to the vet where he was diagnosed with a broken spine after an X-Rays was taken.


Help Save Leo

Since no rescues in Thailand offered to help the dog, she decided to fly him to Canada so as to save him.


Help Save Leo

It was hard to bring him to Canada but by the help of kind online donors who raised more than $2,000, she finally made it possible to fly the dog.


Help Save Leo

The touching story spread like a bush fire, in that it became the trending local news.


Help Save Leo

Two months later, Leo was in condition to go to his forever home.


Help Save Leo

Amazingly, Leo remained calm all along even after flying for many hours. 


Help Save Leo

Because of her work and living conditions, she could not adopt Leo. However, Megan opened a Facebook for Leo of which she was able to find a temporary home for him with a great lady called Jamie.


Help Save Leo

People donated funds which supported his medical bills and attention. A mobile rehabilitation center known as K9 Carts, assisted him by issuing him with a doggie wheelchair for him to walk again.


Help Save Leo

Leo has adjusted extraordinarily, even though he has faced a lot before.


Help Save Leo

He has been operated several times due to some urinary tract complications, but luckily he totally got a cure.


Help Save Leo

Even he uses diapers just like a baby.


Help Save Leo

Were it not for Megan who granted him a second chance of living a good life, Leo could have died a long time ago. What a good woman!


Help Save Leo

Good news is that Leo has shown potential signs of having a possibility to walk again.


Help Save Leo

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