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Mom Goes to Pick Her 8-Yr-Old Daughter From Detention Only to Find She’s Been Locked in a “Jail Cell”

No one wants to hear their child did something wrong and got a detention. Eight year old Allegra received a detention at school. When her mom, Connie went to pick up her she got mad at the school instead of her daughter.

The detention room looked more like a jail cell. The room was only 2×4 foot.
Allegra received a detention for what the school called threatening another student. Connie said that her daughter was standing up to a bully and was put in a room too small for a dog.

According to Connie, Allegra cried for hours and has been sick for three days due to the trauma in the detention room.

The room does look pretty small and is isolating. There is really no reason that Allegra could not have been put in a regular classroom for her detention. She is only 8 years old and could have learned her lesson that way.

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