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Mom Sets Up Hidden Camera in Living Room – Realizes What Dad Really Does With Kids

By the time you’re through with this, you’ll be singing about supernatural stuff. Trust me!
You see, Rujeana is a mom of two, and she’s the type of people who wouldn’t want the grandparents to her kids to miss a thing, so she figured she could capture the kids’ good moments and share them with the seniors.

Well, what she didn’t know was that she would end up getting a double-dose of what she expected. She expected to capture the little ones’ antics at home when she’s gone. She got much more than that. Turns out, her hubby was home, and he kind of “got involved” too!

Watch below as one of the kids dances around to a beautiful song, and then dad comes in and decides to make a competition out of the whole thing. Not to mention the hilarity that’s about to ensue here. Must watch!

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