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Should Mother of 12 From 3 Different Dads Be Kicked Off Welfare after Stealing $13,000?

July 29, 2017 Stories


The proud mother of 12 reported children, Cheryl Prudham knows a thing or two about getting government benefits when she needs them. Because the United Kingdom operates a socialist government, she is able to keep getting pregnant and keep getting handouts whenever she asks. Although other citizens revile her for wasting taxpayer money on her schemes and pleasures, she believes she earns her $49,000 per year in welfare. However, now this English mother is under fire not from fellow citizens, but from the police. She has been caught stealing more than $12,000 in change from parking meters across the country. And she’s in a lot of trouble…

Known as the “Queen of Benefits,” Prudham has been a public enemy ever since her exploits were exposed. Not only was she caught shopping for a new Mercedes earlier this year, she visited the local dealership near her home in Wigan, Lancashire. She didn’t even attempt to hide her lavish spending habits.

Her estranged husband, Robert Prudham, 31, has been charged with the stealing of the $12,886 from the parking meters. Not only that, but the law wants him for failing to admit to his previous criminal convictions when he applied for a job at a recruitment firm. But they figured him out and now he is going to be in trouble.

Cheryl was busy handling her estranged husband’s stolen cash – and she knew exactly where it was coming from all along.

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