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Mother Is Desperate To Be Reunited With Her Missing Fourteen-Year-Old Daughter!

It is every parent’s worst nightmare! Maureen Gulett’s daughter, Rosemary Blue has been missing for over a year and her mother is desperate to find her. She believes Maureen is the victim of a human trafficking ring because her photos keep showing up on the Internet and she looks different in each one. It seems someone is working to make sure her identity stays a secret.

The mother and her family have done everything to try and get this young girl home. Each time they get close, Maureen ends up running away.

The mom is now offering a $1,000 reward and is begging the public to get involved. She says sharing Maureen’s picture on social media sites will help bring her daughter home from the horrible nightmare she is living.

According to reports from the mom, Maureen’s hair color and style have changed several times since she first went missing. This young girl is in grave danger and is too young to be out on her own. This Portland mom now fears her daughter may be in another state and is urging everyone to get involved in helping her find Maureen.

It only takes a simple share to make a big difference so this young girl can be brought back where she belongs.

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