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Mother elephant tries in despair to wake up her baby, man springs into action

Have you ever been a babysitter? Have you ever cared for a little child? In fact, if you’re parent, chances are that at some you’ve done it daily.

You’ll agree that it’s in a mother’s or caretaker’s nature to always want to make sure everything is okay with the baby, especially when the little one is asleep. Mind you, the same instinct applies to animals!

In this video, the staff at the Prague Zoo captured a really heart-tugging moment when a mama elephant went to check on her baby. The big creature tugs at the baby with her trunk to make sure it’s okay, but the little one seems to only want to sleep. At some point, the mother gets alarmed.

She frantically tries to get the baby to wake up and end her fears, but it doesn’t happen. That’s when the staff steps in and saves the situation.

This is a clear show of a mother’s deep instincts. Any mother would be alarmed by a kid not waking up. Fortunately, the baby elephant here is all fine.

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