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This Is Why You Should Never, Ever Wear Flip Flops

Let’s be fair: People love flip flops. I love donning those cute things on hot summer days. They feel good on the feet. But did you know that those flip flops could cost you your health?

I didn’t say that. An expert doctor did. Dr. Zachary Vaupel is a surgeon dealing with feet and ankles, and he knows all there is to know about the potential dangers exposed to the feet. That’s why he’s not going to stay mum as people fall into traps hard to manage. He’s speaking out!

You see, flip flops may be cute and nice for a sunny day, but wearing them for too long could lead to some myriad health complications that you don’t even want to imagine. Talk of stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, heel pains, tendonitis. It’s scary!

So what do you do? Vaupel knows that people love flip flops. He probably does, too. So he has some advice to dish out that could help forestall the dangers. It’s all in this video. Click and watch to the end, and be sure to drop us a comment about it.

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