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This Newborn And Family Dog Were Meant To Be Together. Their First Meeting Says It All!

When the dog gets along with a kid or kids at home, it’s adorable. The dog on its own is just great. The same is for the kids. They are adorable and amazing to watch as they grow up, obedient and loving. They are our hope for carrying on the humanity dream of success and prosperity. However, while they are still kids, there are those little moments that bring joy to parents and friends.

Such was the moment when the newest family member, a newborn baby boy, was brought home from the hospital. The dog was so happy to see the baby boy. The baby and the dog clicked immediately. The dog was all around him excited and happy. He even went as far as to lie down and so that the baby could rest on his body.

The whole thing was so adorable that the family was almost moved to tears. The best part was that it was all caught on camera. As expected the family had filmed the homecoming party for the newborn baby boy. Please watch this amazing moment and SHARE with family and friends!

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