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Newfoundland accepts his owner’s apology in the most heart-warming manner ever

Now that is an adorable moment!

Although dogs are most coined to be ‘man’s best friend’, our canines may, most of the time, act and behave just like how young children do. One dog named Ralphie, a Newfoundland, has proven that behavioral trait to be true – he was caught on tape giving his owner Bee, the cold shoulder. The fully grown dog is shown to be visibly displeased at the beginning, leading viewers to wonder – what happened here?

Though it remains unclear and unspecified what his human went wrong, but Ralphie is obviously, unhappy with his owner and shows it by giving her the ‘silent treatment’. Bee was shown to keep asking her dog “what’s wrong” and if he is mad at her, but Ralphie would simply look at her once before turning his head away quickly and looking in the other direction instead. He refused to even maintain any eye contact with her, most often spanning no more than a few seconds.


Finally, his owner decides to say that she’s sorry towards him, and Ralphie relents, finally looking at her. He stares at her out of his big brown eyes, before putting his front paws on top of her lap – for a hug! In an instant, Ralphie decided to forgive his owner with just a single apology, and all it took was a “sorry”!

The sweet moment the two shared was all caught on video, and Ralphie forgiving his mom has melted many hearts all over the world, as many could not resist Ralphie’s charms – and neither can we!


Newfoundland dogs are a breed well-known for their sweet and homely disposition, which is one of the reasons why Bee and her husband Josh have decided to adopt Ralphie. They wanted a dog who would be gentle enough to get along with their children – and Ralphie was perfect for them all.

Apart from his 2 human parents and 3 human siblings, Ralphie also has a furry brother named ‘The Boss’, who is also a Newfoundland! The family of 6 are also, currently in the midst of a cross-country tour spanning across all 50 states!


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