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Not Even Mom Can Intimidate This Little Bulldog Puppy – It’s So Cute!

It is evident that children lack experience in some matters. Despite that being the case, they always want to make their own decisions autonomously without consulting their parents. In most cases, they dismiss advice from their seniors and like to do things their way. If you thought this behavior is only found in humans, then you must be wrong. Below we are meeting a Bulldog puppy who is not ready to submit to the bossiness of his mother.

The puppy is being guided by his mother in a particular direction, but he is not ready to follow the instructions. He is resisting his mother’s pushes and lets out a loud snarl which startles the unsuspecting Mom – it seems it is a way of telling his mother to back off.

We don’t have to take the aggressions of the puppy seriously since it is so cute to watch him do it. Just like most parents, the behavior did not bother this mother and she kept using her nose to push the little guy. That must have helped to ease any existent grudge between them since the tension gradually disappears.

Dogs always make us happy and that is what this video is all about. Talk about unpredictable silliness, affection and playfulness, you are sure to find them in the clip.

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