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We Now Have A Puppy Kidnapper, The Reason Behind It Will Leave You Amazed!

Below you are meeting a unique kidnapper – but it is not a human kidnapper this time round. It is one incredible cat who decided to kidnap some puppies who were not being well taken care of by their mother, and took them to her little trailer home. The cat that comes from somewhere in Gainesville South Carolina is called Miss Kitty.

She had given birth to her litter, but unfortunately lost them. During that time, Smoochy also gave birth to some puppies. For strange reasons, the dog never desired to play the role of a mom and take care of the pups. That is when Miss Kitty saw it necessary to take over.

After all, the little puppies needed the motherly love and there was another willing party ready to offer it. After some time, the owners discovered what had just happened and it equally shocked them. They thought it made sense and allowed the cat to keep on caring for the little puppies.

Despite that, the big question remains – how will the puppies react when they grow up and find out that their mother is quite different?

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