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Old Dog Is Rescued And Showed Love For The First Time, The Change Is Breathtaking!

In the clip below, which was shot at a kill shelter in Romania, you will be touched with what happens with one old dog. The dog’s name is Bandit. Being an elderly dog with a big tumor on one of his legs, no one wanted to rescue him from the kill shelter. He had been enclosed in a kennel for a long time without having hope of ever living a good life of which he can be ushered with love and care.

But one day, he became lucky. One family went to the shelter and adopted him to their home. He was taken to the vet clinic where he was done an operation on the legs and the tumor was removed successfully.b

In the clip below, which was shot a month after his rescue, we see how Bandit gets to enjoy a loving life for the first time in his life. He really loves to be petted on his head. Currently, he has no difficulty of walking again with the tumor on his leg.  To show how grateful he is to his saviors, he wags his tail.The message in the video is that all dogs need to be taken care of.  Watch the clip and please SHARE with all your friends on Facebook!


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