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One Of The Original FBI Agents Reveals The Person Who Assassinated JFK!

A number of conspiracies have taken place in our American history, but the one which has famously stood out is the assassination of JKF. Though it has taken such a long time for the whole truth to be out, we believe one day the whole mystery will clear-up. Though time is running out for that to take place, one retired FNI agent who doubled up has a Police Chief has revealed some important evidence.

This officer was part of the original investigators who were in Dallas to investigate the issue. In his investigation, he was able to come across reports and records which showed that the released information was a doctored document.

He is sure of that since the original reports had been filed by him.He carried out a decade long investigation which touches into the National Archives of history and beyond. He has everything to show that Oswald was wrongly accused with the assassination of JFK.

We questions will always be asked but with this evidence we hope it can lead us to the truth of the matter.

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