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He Was About To Overtake A Long Truck When He Saw This… What A Breakthrough!

Those who drive can agree with me that being stuck behind one of those long trucks can be a bad experience. It very frightening to overtake a long vehicle since a long distance is needed to do so since there are big chances that a vehicle going the opposite direction may appear any time.

In Argentina alone, it is approximated that a traffic accident kills one person in every hour. 80 % percent of the accidents take place on the roads and normally are caused by motorists who try to overtake.

In a country where you find hundreds of roads with a single-lane, Samsung wanted to make a difference and as a result decided to incorporate some technology into the long trucks. It is one of those ideas that saves people’s lives as opposed to changing their lives.

Watch the amazing technological breakthrough in the clip below and see how they managed to apply that. What do you think about the idea? If you support their thinking, then kindly SHARE this video for everyone to see!

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