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His Owner Abandoned Him For Being Blind, And Then Fate Smiled. This Warmed My Heart!

February 25, 2017 Pets


I’m still working hard to wrap it around my head – I mean, why do some people love their pets only when they’re perfect and healthy? It’s so sad to think that an owner can have the guts to abandon a pet just because the animal is sick or has a defect. However, there are exceptions!

Take the case of this nice dog, Kanga. Kanga is a great Golden Retriever by all measures, except that he’s blind and has some defects in his walking structure. The dog was found abandoned at a field around Long Beach. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why his owner bailed out on him. But not every human is that dark-hearted!

Kanga has since been adopted by one kind man, John. Despite the fact that this dog has some congenital defects and is blind, John decided to take him home and care for him. Kanga is now a happy canine, all thanks to the rescue team and this kind-hearted man. How many people could do that?

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