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Owner Returns To His Bicycle. Now Keep Your Eye On That Dog. Jaw-dropping!

When you talk about some dogs being ‘too smart” for their creation, few will understand. This clip here will make you “see” the point!

Here’s this dog and his owner in astreet in China. When the owner gets off to shop, the dog is left to keep guard on his bicycle. In fact, this dog presents the perfect posture of someone tasked with guarding their boss’s important stuff. Just look at him!

And the good stuff doesn’t end there. When he’s done with his business, the owner returns and relieves the cool dog of the “security docket.” He gets on the bicycle ready to start peddling. Just then, the dog hops onto the backof the bike and gives the signal kick-off the journey. Interesting!

I had to watch this a few times to take it all in. Kindly SHARE!


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